About us

About Us

“We make websites about gadgets & gifts we’d want to buy ourselves.”

So do you sell the Laser Cosmos yourself?

Nope, we just point people to the sites we trust that do sell it.

If we see something we’re excited about we’ll build a website for it. Sometimes that means we can include better and bigger pictures, more detailed information and links to resources than the corporate sites that sell the products.

Why design a site about the Laser Cosmos?

Well we hope you find our site useful, easy to use and informative. We also get a small commission from our our partner sites if you go on to buy the product from one of our links. There’s no extra cost to you though and you pay exactly the price you’d pay by going direct to their site. Actually you’ll save money going through this site first as we”ll let you know about any discount codes that will help you save some more on your order.

Who are you?

Our business name is MoMA, and we’re based in Edinburgh.
Our full address is:
40 Well Court
Dean Path

If you would like to contact us then you cam mail us via our Contact Form

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